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What is Vaser Lipo?

Frisco, TX cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert Najera, is one of only a handful of area plastic surgeons who have mastered the advanced VASER liposuction technique. VASER is a high definition ultrasound assisted laser liposuction procedure that offers a unique variation of traditional liposuction that strategically removes fat from certain areas of the body. After studying in Columbia alongside Dr. Alfredo Hoyas, the inventor of HiDef lipo, Dr. Najera has brought this rare skill to his practice in Frisco and now applies its principles to give all of his liposuction patients dramatic results. HiDef lipo can be used on practically anywhere on the body and it is performed to carefully sculpt the body and enhance contours, resulting in an impressive, well-defined, shredded appearance. 

Best Candidates

It is important to understand that regardless of the iposuction procedure used, lipo is not a solution for weight loss. VASER, specifically, is best suited for patients who are already in nice shape and have a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Most men and women undergoing this procedure do not necessarily have a lot of fat to remove, they are more interested in reshaping and recontouring the body, as well as removing pesky areas of small pockets of fat that have been difficult to lose through diet and exercise alone. Men and women who want to become “shredded” consider this procedure as a way to assist in reaching their aesthetic goals. Candidates should also have good skin elasticity and a healthy skin tone, so the skin stays supple and doesn't sag after the procedure.

How it Works

VASER liposuction is also referred to as Ultrasonic Assisted Lipoplasty. It is considered minimally invasive as Dr. Najera creates small, thin, well-hidden incisions to complete the treatment process. This 4th generation technology allows Dr. Najera to gently insert the probe through the incisions and distribute the ultrasonic energy in layers, treating the fat uniformly. VASER uses a single or multiple rings to distribute this energy. When less rings are used, more power is generated at the tip, which is especially useful for tough fatty tissue or corrective surgery. We also use a secondary attachment, which is the VASER pulsed mode. This produces shorter pulses of ultrasonic energy, which helps contour and reshape the body part. This "superficial liposculpting" is the key to create 6-pack abs and muscular silhouettes.

Traditional Lipo VS VASER?

Traditional liposuction has been around for years, and it is still an extremely popular procedure for men and women who carry more fat than a patient that is considering VASER. Traditional liposuction is more invasive, requires larger incisions, and additional downtime. VASER HiDef body sculpting is considered minimally invasive and uses ultrasound technology to gently reshape the body. The incisions are much smaller, and the technology is precise, only targeting the fat and avoiding other important tissues nearby, such as blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue.

VASER is a technique that requires extensive training. This technology, when performed by a trained surgeon, allows the ability to chisel out six pack abs, lats, pecs, obliques, and other muscle groups. The VASER approach requires less downtime, minimal to no scarring, and is preferred by patients who do not carry a lot of fat.

What to Expect

VASER is performed on-site in our Frisco, TX cosmetic surgery office. Dr. Najera does use anesthesia during this treatment, and the type may vary depending on the surgical case. After the procedure is completed, patients will be monitored and released to recover at home. The treated area will have compression garments to help promote blood circulation and healing. Most patients need about a full week to get back to a normal routine and a full exercise regime can often be resumed after a month.

After receiving VASER, patients will love their new contour and "shredded" look. Dr. Najera takes great pride in his VASER results and strives to ensure that each patient has a symmetrical, well proportioned outcome. For lasting results, patients should continue to adhere to a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercise.

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