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While many women seek to enlarge their breasts with breast augmentation surgery, there are many who wish to reduce the size because they feel they are too large and too heavy. These women often find themselves faced with problems, such as difficulty fitting into normal size clothing, unable to participate in sports or exercise, and back and neck pain due to the heavy feeling. Large breasts can make your figure disproportionate. With a breast reduction surgery from Frisco, TX (and surrounding areas, Plano, Allen, McKinney) plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Najera, the breasts can be reduced to a normal size, lifted for a more youthful shape, and made to appear youthful and healthy. This surgery can be instrumental for many women, decreasing the pain and embarrassment of living with overly large breasts.

Best Candidates

You might be a candidate for breast reduction surgery if you have:


  • Breasts that are too big for your frame
  • Heavy, pendulous breasts
  • Different sized breasts
  • Back, neck, or shoulder pain in conjunction with large breasts
  • Skin problems on the underside of breasts
  • Self-consciousness when it comes to exposing your breasts
  • Difficulty in finding clothing that fit
  • Hindered ability to enjoy certain physical activities
  • Indentations in shoulder from bra straps

Male Breast Reduction

Some men develop breasts because of obesity, genetics, or health complications or hormone issues. If this happens to you, we can perform male breast reduction surgery to give you the more masculine chest you desire. Even if you work out and train with weights, you may not be able to achieve the chest shape you’re after, but male breast reduction by Dr. Najera can help. You can read more by visiting our gynecomastia page.

Breast Lift FAQs

  • Length:  3 - 4 hours
  • Anesthesia:  General
  • In/Outpatient:  Generally an overnight stay is required
  • Side Effects:  Temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain
  • Risks:  Pain, bleeding, infection, asymmetry, sensory changes in the nipple, healing problems
  • Recovery:  Back to work: 1 – 2 weeks; More strenuous activity: 2 – 3 weeks
  • Final Appearance:  1 – 2 months for swelling to completely resolve
  • Duration of Results:  Permanent

Find Relief

If you have problems related to the large size of your breasts, please call Najera Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery to find out how breast reduction surgery can help you. 

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Recovery Time  
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2-5 Hours
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