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You probably live a healthy lifestyle. You eat good foods, and you exercise rigorously and regularly. However, even with all of that hard fought effort, you still cannot attain a flat, toned stomach.  Sometimes, a little assistance from a cosmetic surgeon can get you there! Frisco & Plano, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Najera, offers tummy tuck surgery, known as abdominoplasty, for men and women who desire a more sculpted and toned midsection. Most people will never be able to achieve a truly flat stomach through diet and exercise alone. In fact, genetics play a strong role in the shape of your figure. However, a tummy tuck is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed to reshape your abdomen and create the figure you have always wanted.

Tummy Tuck Revision

Dr. Najera also performs tummy tuck revisions for patients who have already had a tummy tuck. Some patients may want a second abdominoplasty if they have gained weight, lost weight, or become pregnant since their original tummy tuck. Some patients may seek revision if they are dissatisfied with their original tummy tuck. Dr. Najera will spend time during the initial consultation talking to the patient about their original tummy tuck and then he will discuss their options and realistic expectations for their tummy tuck revision. If the patient decides to proceed, Dr. Najera will develop an individual treatment plan to get the best results for the patient.

Best Candidates

A tummy tuck is a great option for mothers whose stomachs have been affected by pregnancy, and we often perform tummy tuck procedures as part of our mommy makeover procedure. Men and women who have lost a good deal of weight and have excessive leftover stomach skin are also good candidates for tummy tuck procedures. It’s generally recommended that you put off your tummy tuck until you’re done having children, as subsequent pregnancies can change the tone of your stomach. We also suggest that you wait until you’re done with your weight loss in order to achieve maximum results.

About the Surgery

During a tummy tuck procedure, excess skin and fat will be removed, and the muscles in the abdomen will be tightened. An abdominoplasty surgery can be partial or complete, depending on the patient’s condition, aesthetic goals and needs. During a complete abdominoplasty, Dr. Najera will create an incision that goes from hipbone to hipbone to get at all of the tissue in the abdominal area. A partial abdominoplasty is less invasive and can often be performed in just about 1-2 hours. This procedure is recommended for patients who have minimal loose skin. Dr. Najera will recommend the right procedure for helping you achieve your desired results.

Preparing for Surgery

In the days leading up to your tummy tuck surgery, we recommend eating a balanced diet; the healthier you are, the quicker you will heal.  Make sure your home is stocked with ice packs and loose, comfortable clothing. To encourage a healthy recovery, we recommend that you avoid strenuous activity for 4-6 weeks after surgery. Exercise can be resumed in about 6 weeks. The results following a tummy tuck can be life changing for many patients. It takes several months for the final outcome to appear, but patients can expect to have a tighter, more toned tummy and a slimmer silhouette after this procedure.

Tummy Tuck FAQs

  • Length:  2 - 3 hours
  • Anesthesia:  General
  • In/Outpatient:  Inpatient or outpatient (depending on extent of procedure)
  • Side Effects:  Temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain
  • Risks:  Pain, bleeding, infection, fluid collections, healing problems, and blood clots
  • Recovery:  Back to work: 1 - 2 weeks; More strenuous activity: 4 - 6 weeks
  • Final Appearance:  3 months
  • Duration of Results:  Permanent, if a healthy lifestyle is ongoing
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