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Frisco & Plano, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Najera, is a fat transfer specialist and uses the latest transfer techniques to create fuller, softer cosmetic results on the face and body. A fat transfer, also known as fat grafting or autologous fat transfer, is the process of using the patient's own fat to increase the volume of fat in another area of their body. The fat is harvested or extracted with a liposuction cannula. It is then prepared for reintroduction into the body and injected into the desired location. The most common donor areas where fat is taken are the stomach, thighs, and waist. While fat transfer can produce natural results that will last for years, it may not be permanent.

Surgical Technique

During the outpatient procedure, Dr. Najera removes fat from one area of the body using liposuction and meticulously injects it back into the desired area. These micro-fat transfers (autologous grafts) are harvested by gentle liposuction from the thighs, buttocks and stomach–wherever there is fat to spare. Even very thin patients do well with this procedure. The fat then grows within a matrix of tissue and the area is enlarged rather naturally while the patient receives the benefit of liposuction. New moms also like this procedure, since it is perfect to restore volume that normally deflates after childbirth as well as getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat via liposuction of the body after having baby.

Common Areas for Fat Transfer


As we age, the fullness of the lower lids is lost. The loss of even small amounts of fullness from under the skin of the eyelid causes the underlying fat pads, bones, and muscles to become more visible. The sunken areas under the lower eyelid, also known as bags or troughs, become deeper and darker. By filling this area with fat, Dr. Najera can restore a smooth, youthful eyelid. Fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scarring can also be softened with fat. Over months and sometimes years, the grafted fat continues to improve skin texture, color, and reduce pore size. This technique can also be used in the cheek and eyelids to repair birth defects and traumatic injuries to the face (such as dog bites or other accidents).


Emptiness or hollowing, especially in the upper inner cheek, can make even a young person look tired, sad, or unhealthy. But even those with full cheeks in their youth will lose some of their fullness as they age. Fat grafting can replace and restore well-defined cheeks for those who have lost this fullness and improve the shape of the face. Filling out the cheeks can also give the appearance of lifting the face.

Nasolabial Fold (Smile Lines)

Nasolabial (smile lines that extend from the nose towards the mouth) and marionette (the lines running from the corners of the mouth down towards the chin) lines are some of the earliest signs of aging. As we age, and the skin around the mouth loses fullness, the unsupported skin sinks into wrinkles, deeper lines, and creases causing a tired and worn-out look. By placing fat into and around the lines and folds, Dr. Najera can support the skin and lift it, creating a youthful and rested appearance.


For those who feel their lip size or shape is inadequate, fat grafting is a wonderful solution, because results will last for many years. Fat grafting to the lip area can also help to define the lip line, which becomes less sharp as we age. Smoker’s lines and other wrinkles of the skin above the lip can also be improved by the addition of a thin layer of fat into the area. The ideal proportion for the lips is for the lower lip to be larger than the upper lip. Patients with naturally irregular or asymmetrical lips can have them evened out with the addition of fat. Fat injected into the lips feels completely natural and soft, and blends well with the natural lip tissue.

Chin & Neck

As we lose fat underneath the skin with age, the jaw line and chin area become weaker and less defined. There is evidence that we also lose some volume in the facial bones as we age, only adding to the problem of volume loss. Fat filling in the area of the chin can restore a sharp jaw line and smooth transition of the chin to the angle of the jaw. The advantage of using fat to enhance the chin is the fact that the fat feels very natural. People, who may have required a silicone chin implant, are now shaping their jaw line with a minimally invasive technique. Dr. Najera will custom fit your chin and shape your jaw line without breaking any bones or doing major reconstructive surgery.


Dr. Najera uses the latest techniques in fat grafting to enhance patient’s breasts with their own body fat as an alternative to implants for augmentation, and to improve breast reconstructions after lumpectomy or mastectomy. Fat transfers also help to disguise rippling caused by artificial implants. Fat grafting to the breast consists of two procedures performed on the same day. First, a substantial amount of fat is removed by specially designed liposuction cannulas. The harvested fat is processed to separate out the unwanted components, and then the fat is injected meticulously through tiny incisions using blunt infiltration cannulas. For larger breasts, the patient prepares for the procedure by wearing an external expander called BRAVA while she sleeps for a few weeks. This soft gel-like brassiere gently suctions the breast area in order to create an adequately expanded matrix for the fat injections.


The Brazilian butt lift has consistently grown in popularity over the past few years, helping countless men and women achieve the sculpted, attractive derriere they’ve always wanted. The procedure gets its name from the widely admired curvaceous buttocks of Brazilian women. With help from Dr. Najera and his skilled cosmetic surgery staff, you can enjoy a fuller, firmer rear end – one that looks fantastic in jeans, shorts, and swimsuits.


Hands are one of the most visible unclothed areas of the human body and also one of the first areas to show visible signs of aging. The key to the successful rejuvenation of the aging hand is to create an integrated layer of fat grafts over the back of the hand that makes the skin look and feel thicker with a slight youthful fullness. The back of an attractive, healthy appearing hand has a slight fullness that obscures veins and tendons but does not hide them. Those with arthritis or wasting of the hand are great candidates for this procedure.

Expected Cost

The cost of a fat transfer procedure will depend on which areas are treated and how many areas are addressed. Fat transfers can cost as low as $6,000 to over $12,000.

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Tell Your Fat Where To Go

As we age, fat tends to accumulate in areas we don’t want it and disappear from the areas where we do want it. Dr. Najera has been fat grafting to various parts of the body for almost a decade and continues to use the latest techniques and technology to attain gorgeous, lasting results. Contact our plastic surgery office in Frisco, TX today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about the benefits of fat transfer procedures.

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