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About Fat Reduction

Sometimes dieting techniques and exercise alone are not enough to fully eliminate the stubborn fat from areas such as the stomach and thighs. As we age, this task becomes increasingly difficult as well. At Najera Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Najera, offers his patients an effective, nonsurgical fat reduction procedure performed onsite. We are proud to provide our Frisco, TX patients with the advanced BTL Vanquish ME technology that uses selective radio frequency energy to target unwanted fat cells and eliminate them naturally through the lymphatic system. An innovative procedure, Vanquish requires no physical contact with the patient's body and leaves the surrounding tissues and muscles untouched. The noninvasive nature of the procedure combined with its ability to target a large circumference makes it unique and highly effective for eliminating stubborn fat without surgery. 

Best Candidates

While BTL Vanquish ME does not require the patient to have a BMI of 30 or less, there will be some factors that contribute to the overall results. The best candidates for receiving a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure will have:

  • A desire to avoid an invasive, surgical procedure
  • Stubborn fat in the abdomen or thighs
  • A desire for long-term, natural results
  • Realistic expectations for their outcome

What to Expect

During a Vanquish fat reduction procedure, patients will enjoy the noninvasive nature of the treatment. A device that delivers selective radio frequency energy will be passed over the body without actually needing to touch the skin. The sensation will cause warmth in the treated area, but it should not be painful. The procedure is able to treat the patient from flank to flank in one session, allowing the entire area to undergo fat reduction all at once. After the procedure is performed, patients can return to their normal activities with no downtime. 

Anticipated Results

Four treatments are typically recommended for each patient to receive their optimal results. Patients should expect to see fat reduction in about 2 – 3 weeks following each treatment session, as the procedure relies on the body's natural elimination process to dispose of the fat cells. Since the fat cells are disrupted and removed from the body, the results should be long lasting with little to no regeneration of the cells. Leading a healthy lifestyle can help improve and prolong the results. 

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If you're suffering from stubborn fat that is causing you to feel self-conscious or anxious, then nonsurgical fat reduction is an effective treatment to eliminate the fat without the commitment of an invasive operation. BTL Vanquish ME uses selective radio frequency technology to target the fatty cells without harming the surrounding skin or muscle, all with no downtime. Call our office to start your treatments today. 

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