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An upper body lift is a treatment plan that combines several skin tightening procedures in the upper body, such as the underside of the arms, breasts, neck, and upper back. An upper body lift eliminates the excess skin that remains after a large weight loss, or exists from the natural aging process. Liposuction is usually incorporated during these specific treatments to enhance the effect of the lift. An upper body lift by Dr. Robert Najera, a plastic surgeon serving Frisco, Plano, Allen, McKinney and surrounding areas, will improve the tone and shape of your body and improve your overall appearance. According to the extent of the surgical case, some procedures may be performed in separate settings.

What To Expect

Each patient will start by discussing his or her goals for the upper body lift with Dr. Najera. Together, the patient and Dr. Najera will create an individual treatment plan for the upper body lift. Some upper body lifts can be done in one surgery, but based on the amount of procedures and the size of the area being treated, an upper body lift may be split into two or more surgeries. Although some liposuction may be used during the procedures, an upper body lift is not meant as a weight loss surgery. The best candidates will be at or near their goal weight before the upper body lift. The primary objective is to remove excess skin, and perform skin tightening.

During/After Surgery

The surgery for an upper body lift is usually done with general anesthesia. Most patients will require an overnight stay in the hospital after the procedure. Because an upper body lift involves multiple surgeries, most patients experience a slow recovery. Light activity can usually be resumed 7-10 days after the surgery, but patients should limit their activity as much as possible for 4-6 weeks. Dr. Najera will provide post-operative instructions for each patients based on which procedures are performed.

Expected Cost

The average cost of an upper body lift is between $12,000 and $18,000, but each patient will receive an estimate during their initial consultation with Dr. Najera. Your cost will be based on how many and which procedures are included in your treatment plan. If you think your insurance may cover some of the cost because the skin removal is medically necessary, please let us know and our staff will be happy to call and find out.

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Upper Body Lift FAQs

Upper And Lower Lift?

Both an upper and lower body lift are extensive and require long recovery, so it is recommended that patients do not have both lifts done at the same time. Dr. Najera will not perform another surgery until the patient is healthy and strong enough for the procedure, which can be 4-6 months.

How Bad Are The Scars?

After an upper body lift, the skin is sewn back together and the incisions will leave scars. However, Dr. Najera takes care to keep his incision lines as small as possible and in areas that are less visible or easily hidden by clothes. Each patient will receive instructions on post-surgical wound care that will encourage the wounds to heal properly and allow scars to fade over time.

Long-Term Results?

An upper body lift will have the best results if the patient is at or near their healthy goal weight before the procedure. After the lift, any significant weight gain or loss will alter your results. If patients follow a healthy diet and exercise routine, the results of the upper body lift will be permanent.

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