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Chemical peels are specifically designed to aid in the reduction of numerous cosmetic flaws, including uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, UV damage, fine lines, deeper wrinkles, acne scars, and blotchy skin. After a chemical peel, you will have smoother, and a more even skin tone and a more youthful appearance overall. There are several different types of chemicals that vary in strength and offer various results with varying downtimes. Frisco, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Najera, will consult with each patient and do a thorough skin check to recommend the appropriate chemical peel that will meet the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Procedure Technique

Dr. Najera offers a wide range of chemical peel treatments to meet the unique needs of his patients. These include:

  • Light chemical peel (salicylic acid or glycolic acid):

    This type of peel is typically used to improve the texture and tone of skin affected by excessive dryness and uneven pigmentation. It is also commonly used to diminish the effects of UV damage and to manage severe cases of acne. Multiple treatments provide optimal results. Patients usually begin peeling around day 2-3 and peel for about 4-5 days. This chemical peel offers minimal to no downtime.
  • Medium chemical peel (trichloracetic acid or TCA):

    TCA peels are frequently used to smooth fine lines and to improve the appearance of mild blemishes on the face and elsewhere on the body. They also serve as an effective treatment for uneven pigmentation. The peeling process for this peel takes about a full week. Patients will have downtime that lasts no more than 1-2 days, specifically relating to skin redness and irritation.
  • Deep chemical peel (phenol):

    For major skin damage due to long-term sun exposure, deep wrinkles, and extreme blotchiness, Dr. Najera may recommend a peel that is formulated with phenol. This peel, which can only be used on the face, is extremely effective for cosmetic concerns that cannot be otherwise managed with light and medium peels. This is the best chemical peel used and does have downtime associated with it. Most patients will want to take a few days off from work following this treatment. It takes about a full month for the skin to peel and heal.
  • Chemical peels for acne:

    Dr. Najera can help patients suffering from severe cases of acne and persistent acne scars with light, medium, or deep chemical peels. An analysis of your skin’s current condition as well as its level of sensitivity will help determine which strength is best suited to your individual needs.

Expected Cost

The cost of a chemical peel is determined based on the strength of the chemicals. A light chemical peel costs $125 - $300, but must be repeated every 6-8 weeks for continued results. A medium peel costs $1,000 - $2,500 and for best results, the medium peel should be done every 6 months. Deep peels cost $2,500 - $6,000, but the deep chemical peel is reaches deeper damage and lasts longer than a medium or light peel.

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Chemical Peel FAQs

What Happens?

Once your skin has been cleansed and exfoliated, a topical anesthetic may be applied to the treatment area to ensure your comfort throughout your session. Next, Dr. Najera carefully applies the chemical peel solution, which may cause a slight tingling sensation. After the solution has remained on the skin for the predetermined length of time, it is gently rinsed off with water. A specially formulated ointment will then be applied to soothe the skin. Any discomfort following the procedure can be easily managed with a mild pain reliever prescribed by Dr. Najera after your treatment.

Side Effects/Risks?

While the majority of patients do not experience any negative side effects, there are some risks associated with this kind of treatment. To reduce your risk of complications – including swelling, scarring, and changes in skin tone – it is important to provide Dr. Najera with a thorough description of your medical history and to follow all aftercare instructions carefully.

After the Peel?

Following a chemical peel treatment, the skin begins to repair itself by getting rid of dead, unneeded cells through flaking. This will reveal the fresh skin underneath that’s much smoother and younger looking. A short recovery period will be required following the procedure, depending on the strength of the chemical peel used. Once recovery is complete, you’ll have a beautiful new appearance to show the world.

Rejuvenate Your Skin!

Help your skin look younger by removing flat and dry skin with a chemical peel. Dr. Najera offers a wide range of chemical peel treatments to meet the unique needs of his patients. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Najera by calling Najera Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center in Frisco, TX.

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