Episode 9: Petty Arguments and Expensive Gifts

Robert Najera M.D. | 09/25/2019

Tune in as Dr. Dallas, Anjelica, Amber and our newest podcaster, Stefanie talk about the pettiness arguments that we have with our significant others.


Episode 8: Lady Parts

Robert Najera M.D. | 09/11/2019

In Episode 8, Dr. Dallas, Amber, Chandler and Dr. Rejuvenation talk about all things LADY PARTS. Tight or loose


Episode 7: Sugar Daddies

Robert Najera M.D. | 09/04/2019

Dr. Dallas, Anjelica, April and our virgin podcaster Jessica talk about Sugar daddies and sugar buddies, strippers, roofies and everything in between.


Episode 6: Dating Apps

Robert Najera M.D. | 08/29/2019

Dr. Dallas, Amber and Anjelica talk about the different types of dating apps that people use today...


Episode 5: Love Languages

Robert Najera M.D. | 08/21/2019

Listen as Dr. Dallas, Anjelica, Amber and Guest star Quentin recap about the 5 Love Languages.


Episode 4: Robots May Rule the...Bedroom?

Robert Najera M.D. | 08/15/2019

Dr. Dallas and Amber are joined by scrub tech, April to discuss sex robots, bedroom cheats involving grapefruits, implant recalls, and more


Episode 3: Who's The Boss?

Robert Najera M.D. | 08/07/2019

The gang is joined by Dr. Rejuvenation to discuss what it's like working with her hubby, Dr. Dallas, how they met, and more!


Episode 2: Scrotox

Robert Najera M.D. | 07/31/2019

Dr. Dallas, Anjelica and Chandler discuss "Scrotox," Chandler's path to where she is today and her own procedures.


Episode 1: The Pilot

Robert Najera M.D. | 07/23/2019

In this episode, Dr. Dallas talks shop with Social Media Coordinator, Anjelica & COO Amber about who they are and what is up in the Dr. Dallas office


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